Several solicitors have agreed to act as references for Dr Starr.  Please feel free to contact him for their details before instructing him


Thank you very much for your replies, it is much appreciated. We do have lots of cases to investigate and I appreciate your input.

Holmes and Hill LLP, Essex.

Thank you very much indeed for this helpful analysis.  I share your concerns about the case and I this will assist me enormously in explaining the challenges of taking a case forward to the client.

Tees Law, Cambridge.

Many thanks Dr Starr, whilst unsupportive, your report is very clear and well-structured and so I hope to instruct you in further matters in the near future.

Augustus Cullen Law, Dublin.

Thank you very much for providing your report so quickly. I am also instructing an Oncologist so will be putting your observation regarding the raised ALP to them. I thought your report was very well laid out. Including a Glossary is appreciated – I know that that will assist my Clients. I will certainly instruct you in the future!

Battens Solicitors, Somerset.

Many thanks for your report in the above matter which I’ve reviewed and with which I’m very happy.

Augustus Cullen Law, Dublin.